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▲ Despite the Australian government's recommendation to keep a strong social distance, citizens have complained that the sight of young people and tourists strolling along the beach without complying with the recommendations has caused a major stir in the local community. It seems that he has forgotten the seriousness of the situation. The picture shows a large crowd of people on the beach for the weekend of the 20th  © aubreaknews


Australia has decided to shut down its famous tourist destination, Bondi Beach, due to a surge in Corona 19 confirmed cases. It is reported that the government will take stronger recommendations.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on saturday (local time) that he will close Bondi Beach as of today, adding that he could close out suburban areas that are feared to spread infection.


The Australian government's decision to shut down Bondi Beach was reportedly decided from complaints from citizens that the sight of young people and tourists strolling on the beach and crowded places without complying with the recommendations was having a major impact on the local community. The Australian border had already been closed as of 21:00 p.m. on Friday.


Meanwhile, the spread of Corona 19 is surging across Australia.


Australia's Health Ministry announced that 83 new confirmed cases were reported in the NSW alone during the day, saying that the number of Korona 19 infections has finally exceeded 1,000.


As of the same day, Australia's total Korona 19 confirmed people were 1,051 people, including 436 from NSW, 229 from VIC, 184 from QLD, 50 from SA, 90 from WA, 11 from TAS, nine from ACT and five from NT.


A total of seven people died, one WA and six NSW, and 43 recovered.


"We encourage Koreans to wear disposable gloves at shopping centers and gas stations," a Korean group official said.






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